In most cases the people tasked with the relocation of their company’s furniture, electronics, and files do not realize how much “stuff” there is to move.  Knocking down and rebuilding office furniture takes skill and experience.  There is a correct technique and specialized equipment needed to move file cabinets.  Keeping the files organized requires the proper cartons and labeling system.  How do you move everything quickly with minimal disruption to employee productivity?

                                Mather Brothers can help.  We have the experience and resources to inform, plan, and execute a successful relocation.   

Mather Brothers is here to help.  Take this advice, do not feel overwhelmed, but even worse, do not take the relocation lightly.  Talk to the professionals at Mather Brothers.  They can help.


We will let you know what you are up against and what is needed to turn a potentially stressful situation into a smooth relocation process.  We’ve done it many times.  We can do it for you.